A Few Words With Susanah Lopez

There are times like today when I am very proud to do what I do. I love the fact that you can learn so much from people. Today ill be speaking with Susanah Lopez who is a Freelance Fitness Writer. Visiting us from beautiful Miami, Florida.

*Thank you for being with us today ☺ so, for those who aren’t familiar with you tell them a bit about yourself. 

Let’s see, a little bit about myself, I am a Miami native. I’m an avid people watcher and I keep a health and fitness column in a local family magazine called Sprinkles. I am also working on my first health and fitness book which should be out as soon as I finish writing it.

*What is it that intrigues you about health and fitness so much that you chose that as a career path? 

Vanity. I remember working out at a local gym and a bodybuilder approaching me and commenting that I should become a personal trainer because, “I have a good body.” Apparently that was the main requirement at the time. I laughed it off and didn’t give it much thought since I was going to school and working towards a degree in Physical Therapy. Chemistry, unfortunately, was my kryptonite and I found myself leaning towards personal training because I could learn all about the human body and how it worked without having to figure out the atomic weight of Iron. 


*How long have you been writing and what would you describe as your method of getting the attention of the viewer? 

Sarcasm and technical jargon works really well. That, along with a variety of pop up survey ads seems to really get the viewers attention. Honestly though, I like to write and entertain and if I can give you some useful information it’s a win for everyone. I want to teach my clients how to work independently so that eventually we can cut the cord and they can train themselves. I give my clients, as well as my readers the truth and they appreciate it. 

*Tell us a bit about your Everliving Fitness blog? 

I started this blog a few years ago with the intention to market my services and educate people about health and fitness. We are an impatient society and we want results simply because we chose to start working out. People want to lose five pounds the first week at the gym and I have to tell them that the only way that will happen is if they wear lighter shoes. There is a lot of misconceptions out there about training and eating right. I have a little more knowledge than the average person when it comes to this topic and I want to share that. I also enjoy writing so it’s a natural fit. 

*How have things changed for your career since you received your Masters in Creative Writing? 

Career wise nothing really changed. I was ready for the offers to start pouring in after I graduated but all I got was this really big diploma. I’m definitely a stronger writer than before and I’m grateful to my professors for that. It’s definitely opened up more doors for me in a myriad of other industries, so now I just have to wait until I walk in the right door. 

*What would you say the most important thing would be when meeting a client for personal training? 

Timing. Timing is everything. Commitment is important too. Committing to a time that works for both of you is key. 

*What are your thoughts on the many supplements that are being produced? 

I don’t really think about them too much. I mean; deep down I’m all about eating clean. I fully understand that there are some reputable supplements/vitamins out there that can truly help you out but it all depends on your goals. I wouldn’t put my clients on any supplements because I’m not a pharmacist, nutritionist, or drug dealer. If my clients wanted to try a fat burner, or muscle builder we would go over it together and I would remind them that this was a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Consistency is key with anything you do. If you eat clean and work out regularly, you’ll find that you don’t need much else. 

*Tell us a little about your regime when training? 

I don’t follow a regimented program. I never have. I bore easily and I need to change my environment, activities and even the pace. Right now, I dance twice a week and I will go to the gym in the mornings for about forty minutes at most. Next month I may not go to the gym at all and workout at the park or take up a new activity. It’s all about keeping the body moving and engaged. 

*Would you ever consider competing in a figure competition? Yes or no and why? 

Yes. Why not? It would be a new experience and a fun challenge. I judged a fitness competition before and the women looked amazing, they were all inspiring. I liked everything about them except their skin. All these brightly made up faces with lipstick, blue eye shadow and a natural glow carried in by these rich mahogany colored bodies. I understand why they do it but it’s hilarious. I would make sure to get the right stain for my complexion and probably match up my face to the rest of me. I wouldn’t want to come out on stage looking like a floating head. 

* As the last question, tell us in a few words why we should all follow your blog and why health and fitness are both so important? 

All right, follow my blog because I intend to reveal all the secrets every personal trainer has ever kept from their clients. Including, what they are really looking at, where do they buy those fanny packs, and how they learned to smile when they say, “you are doing really good”. 

Why is health and fitness so important? Well, it’s not important; it’s necessary, simple as that. Without good health and fitness habits your body deteriorates and wastes away. We train everyday for our “golden years”. Start living a healthier, more active lifestyle today and your body will thank you later.

*Well I must say this was a great interview and you’re very personable. I wanna thank you again for being a guest on the blog today and I ask that you please visit us again. You’ve done tons of great work in the community and you’ve also helped many through your services; I can only see things getting better for you from here on out. From one Full Sail student to another I wish you the very best…

Isaac Hall





No Distractions While In The Gym…

Below are a few words that will help you remain in focus to your work out while training. Only the ones who have the ability to shut out all things and focus will succeed in accomplishing their goals.

* Set Goals For Yourself

When you walk into the gym you should have a clear picture of the goal you are trying to achieve. Always keep the bigger picture in mind, an upcoming contest, more definition or just trying to gain strength. Always have a goal in mind!

Be aware of the long-term goal, but set short-term goals for yourself each training session as well, for instance having the ability to lift a few more pounds than you did in your previous week. By achieving the short-term goals week after week the ultimate goal becomes more obtainable. Get your mind ready to take on the challenge and don’t let anything stop you. This can help one focus a bit more.

* Timing

Gonna start by saying that you cant worry about a million other things while at the gym you have to focus on strictly the gym. Worrying about events from the day can negatively impact your training session. Choose a time of day that is dedicated to your fitness goals and nothing else.

You should ask yourself when you feel like you have the most energy as well as enthusiasm to work toward your goal. That is the time you should go to the gym and train.

* Music

Many people have head phones on because they are listening to music while working out. This is a great way for one to get in their zone while training, if this is something your interested in then find songs that make you feel good. Songs which evoke emotion and push you. This will help you tremendously while working out. No matter if it’s heavy metal, rap,  or smooth jazz play something that will allow you to get in your zone.

Pay Attention To Your Form

While going through the motions of your work out make sure you are watching your form. This is what the mirrors are for; watch yourself as you are going through the movements bad form equals injuries which takes time away from training.

Plan Of Attack While In The Gym

Having a work out log is great to have while in the gym; it gives you a plan of attack which will help you move with a purpose while in the gym. It’s also great to have because you can see your progress as you go along through out your regime. This will lead to less distractions because you know what you are there to do, and your writing things down as you go.

* Conclusion

Training requires progressive overload. You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Have a systematic plan that leads to your goal; this will better help you in conquering that feat.

Isaac J. Hall II

Monsterz Elite Fitness LLC






Power & Periodization…

Ok so in my eyes bodybuilding is about having a physique that is aesthetically pleasing… It’s not so much about how many plates are on the bar but more so about using the muscles correctly through full range of motion.  Weights are tools used to create the perfect physique; if one wants to grow you have to progressively overload your muscles. This can be done in many ways, such as… Super Set’s, Giant Set’s, High Intensity Training, Training frequency, increased volume and many other methods. The most fundamental form of resistance training is increasing the amount of weight used on exercises. The more you train the muscles the stronger they will become… (PROVEN FACT)

* Power

Power is the rate at which energy is used or transferred. Now power pertaining to the gym would be seen as the ability to use strength in a fast and explosive manner. Such as the positive and negative of the movement; getting stronger is a step by step process that is built up gradually in increments over time. The best way of doing this is with periodization, or cycle training, where reps and weights change over a period of time.

* Periodization

Periodization elicits general adaptation of syndrome, which is the bodies way of dealing with stress. Now here is the process thereof, new stress set’s off an alarm reaction in the muscle, causing it to actually get weaker. However consistent stress on the muscle will lead to increased strength, which is the bodies method of adapting to stress placed upon it.

This state is not indefinite and last only a few months only until the body reaches it’s peak, once this happens your gains will stop; this is called the plateau.

There are three major periodization schemes below…

Linear Periodization: Weights increase while reps decrease.

Reverse Linear Periodization: Weights decrease while reps increase.

Undulating periodization, Weights and reps increase and decrease sporadically.

It has been shown that all three methods are great for continuing your gains and not hitting that wall that so many hit called the dreaded Plateau. Remember it’s not about how many plates are on the bar, but the correct form and range of motion. Following certain steps no matter what method you choose to pack on mass, it has to be done the right way are you will run into that plateau wall.


Isaac Hall

Monsterz Elite Fitness LLC





What’s Your Type??

Depending on your body type determines on how your body will respond to diet and training. One should understand their body type in order to successfully plan your muscle building and diet program. They’re three body types these three are Ectomorphs, Mesomorphs and lastly Endomorphs ill explain further…


Also known as the hard gainer, usually have a light build with small joints and lean muscles. They find it very hard to gain weight, they also have a fast metabolism which burns calories very quickly. Ecto’s need a large amount of calories in order to gain weight. Workouts should be intense focusing on large muscles groups. Supplements are very important!! Ectomorphs should also eat before going to bed at night, this will prevent muscle catabolism.


The mesomorphs have large muscles and a natural athletic physique. They are actually the best body types for bodybuilding because they gain muscle so rapidly. The downside to the mesomorph is the fact that they gain fat very fast as well. They must watch their caloric intake in order to maintain what they have or that muscular physique can take a turn for the worst.


The Endomorph is usually solid and generally soft; they gain fat very easily. Endomorphs are very strong in the legs and to keep weight to a minimum endomorphs must always train cardio as well as weights. Supplements may or may not be needed as long as the person has a high protein intake in their diet.

Once again try to understand your body as well as what body type you are. This will better help you determine what route you want to go pertaining to your training regime. They’re so many people who just go to the gym and lift with no earthly idea what they are doing. They’re also people who go and buy tons of protein and not only take it the wrong way; but buy the wrong kind to begin with. Make sure you do a little research before you go out and purchase certain things, and lastly make sure you have a plan. For instance where you are and where you want to go… This will benefit you in the long run.

Be Strong, Be Confident, Be You!!!



Isaac J. Hall II

Monsterz Elite Fitness LLC




Breathe It Helps…

Meaning to draw air into and expel it from the lungs, to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide through natural processes, also to inhale and exhale freely.
We all understand it, but many of us neglect this when working out. When I say this believe me I am talking mainly to myself, breathing during exercise is extremely important.
Correct breathing helps with keeping a good pace and efficiency of movements. It also helps with stability and power; improper breathing makes exercises more difficult and even dangerous.
One should practice proper breathing methods because improper can lead to Hyperventilating, side pains, and high blood pressure.
The biggest danger is known as valsalva maneuver in which a forcible exhalation against the closed glottis( Windpipe) causes increase in blood pressure.
Exhale during exertion to position your spine in it’s strongest alignment and activate your core musculature, not only is it the best way to prevent the dangers of improper breathing; It also greatly reduces the risk of injury during exercises.
While exercising the body will take oxygenated blood away from organs that aren’t being used and deliver it to the muscles you are working.
We have all heard many different opinions pertaining to fitness and health. One thing I feel we can all agree on is the breathing method. This is something that we should all practice because we can all benefit greatly.
Isaac J. Hall II
Monsterz Elite Fitness LLC


Importance of Stretching

Have you ever seen someone go in the gym and jump rite into their regime without stretching?? Yeah I have too, little do they know they are hurting their bodies. Stretching helps with flexibility injury prevention and also recovery.

You want to hop on the treadmill for about 10 minutes to get your blood going and to get warmed up, then once done you can begin to stretch. You don’t just stretch as soon as you get to the gym, that’s like pulling taffy taffy  and it snaps. This can happen to cold muscles as well.

* It increases your bodies flexibility and as a result your ability to perform exercise movements more efficiently.

* Stretching reduces muscle soreness and stiffness after a challenging workout

* Blood flow is increased and encouraged

* Injury risk is reduced

* Stretching warms your body up in preparation for a workout

The connective tissues that surround the muscles are very tough and hug the muscle fibers tight. This can actually constrict expansion and growth. For muscle hypertrophy to occur the surrounding fascia needs to be stretched and become more pliable in order to give the muscle fibers room enough to expand and grow bigger.

Even if you haven’t seriously focused on stretching before, the muscle mass that you have built up to this point came about from the stretching and expanding of the muscles encasing tissue. During your workouts when blood is being pumped into the muscles, the surrounding connective tissues are being stretched, that’s why you get that tight feeling we call “the pump”.

The ideal time to stretch for increasing muscle mass is right after you’ve trained a particular body part and the muscles are “pumped up” and feeling tight. At this stage the connective tissues are already being stretched from the blood volume in the muscles, and then by manually stretching the muscles as well, you get a double whammy effect and this really increases the muscle fibers growth potential.

I would highly suggest anyone who is about to partake in physical activity to stretch before and after. It not only helps your muscles but it prevents injury and speeds recovery and muscle growth.

Now go work out! however before you do make sure to stretch!



Isaac J. Hall II

Monsterz Elite Fitness LLC